About me

How many times you visit a lovely place for work but end up not seeing the place. You become familiar with all corners of an airport and know most of the hotels but don’t know the city, the history, the culture, food of that place.

Hi, I am Mahtab and my work takes me to lots of places. This Blog site is to detail the important places one can see while on work trips. How stealing one evening can show you to a completely different face of a city. How extending a trip on a Saturday can help you meet amazing people at amazing places.  

Just by not being lazy and pushing myself to get out of the inviting hotel beds, I have seen places where I had been to multiple times but not known them. Yes the travel details here will not be as detailed as those of Solo Travellers and Tourists but will provide enough information for a business Traveller. Since a good part of my travels are within India, the places covered are of India along with those outside India.

So here we go to this A.M.A.Z.I.N G.  W.O.R.L.D